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NEW! Saloncide Brush Cleaner ‘Salon Starter Pack’




Code: SS020SP

(Contains 3 x 250ml spray & 1ltr refill)

The Saloncide Brush Cleaner ‘Salon Starter Pack’ is an excellent pack size for hair & beauty salons & barber shops. It’s also an extremely economical way to purchase, providing you the equivalent to a total of 7x 250ml ready-to-use sprays, substantially reducing costs and plastic waste.

  • Effective against Bacteria, fungi & viruses including Coronaviruses
  • Tested to European Standards BS EN1276, BS EN14476 & EN1650
  • For use on hair, make up & any other brushes & combs
  • Alcohol, solvent, acid & bleach free
  • Non-toxic, Non-flammable, Non-irritant & free of Parabens
  • Gentle, even on natural hair follicles
  • Light pleasant fragrance
  • Ready-to-use refill to top up your 250ml sprays
  • Provides the equivalent of 7x 250ml sprays, substantially reducing cost-in-use
  • Reduces plastic waste in the environment.
  • Can also be used as general purpose surface cleaner.
  • Extremely low hazard rating reducing COSHH risk
  • UK Manufactured

UK manufactured

Saloncide Brush Cleaner is suitable for all types of brushes from the normal hair brush to make up brushes. Being alcohol free, Saloncide Brush Cleaner is safe & gentle to use, even on natural hair follicles, leaving the brushes feeling exceptionally soft and leaving a faint pleasant fragrance.  With no harsh ingredients, Saloncide Brush Cleaner also prolongs the life of brushes. It’s ideal for both in-between application and a deep clean at the end of the day. Saloncide brush cleaner can also be used as a general purpose surface cleaner without causing any harm to any surfaces.

Proven to be effective against:
Coronaviruses (Inc Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2), MRSA, HIV-1, E.coli, Hepatitis B, Influenza A (Inc H1N1), Salmonella, Legionella, Staphylococcus, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Tuberculosis and many more.

Directions for use: 1ltr to top up 250ml spray bottles once empty.
Spray directly onto the brush sparingly from 15 cm, holding the brush over a tissue or dry wipe. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes before wiping the brush on the tissue in direction of the hair follicles until product is removed. Repeat if necessary. Do not over-soak brushes due to the amount of time to dry. Leave to air dry for a few minutes. It is recommended to clean & rinse brushes under warm water at the end of day to remove build-up of solution.

Areas to use Saloncide Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Spray: Work surfaces, stations, chairs (including leather), combs, scissors, brushes, rollers, clips, clipper attachments, sinks, wash points, taps, sunbeds, and much much more…….

Directions for use: Spray on surfaces, tools or equipment. Leave to air dry or wipe with a clean dry cloth or paper towel after approximately *2 minutes of contact time. Please note: Any stainless steel tools, scissors or clippers must be wiped dry to prevent rusting. Spray oil on the clippers each day to prevent rusting.

*Saloncide is effective from 60 seconds of contact time on most bacteria, fungi & viruses but it is advisable to leave for up to 2 minutes if wiping off.

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