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About Coronavirus COVID-19 and Saloncide Sanitising Spray

Combat the fight against Bacteria, Fungi & enveloped Viruses…


The active ingredients within the Saloncide formulation have been tested as effective to EN test standards against bacteria, fungi and all enveloped viruses, so media reports stating that alcohol is required to kill viruses are not supported by the facts.

The Saloncide disinfectant meets the EN13727: 2012+ A1 2013 standard for hygienic hand rub products in a medical environment which is one of the two tests recommended by the European Chemicals Agency:

Saloncide European Chemicals Agency test result


Though it is dispensed as a spray, Saloncide is not only a surface or equipment disinfectant but is also perfect for sanitising hands and feet, offering many advantages:

    • Saloncide meets or exceeds EN test standards for efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses, achieving greater than log factor 5 (99.999%) in 30 seconds against bacteria


    • The Saloncide formulation has been tested effective to EN13727:2012 + A1:2013 for Bactericidal Activity of Hygienic Hand rubs in a Medical Environment


    • The active ingredients in Saloncide disinfectants have been independently tested to be effective against ALL enveloped viruses, of which Coronavirus is one


    • Saloncide is alcohol free which means it is far less likely to cause dryness and cracking making it an ideal solution for those with sensitive skin or suffering from dermatitis, Saloncide also anti-fungal so is ideal for using on feet


  • As it doesn’t evaporate as quickly as alcohol, the Saloncide disinfectant stays on treated surfaces for longer continuing to work after application