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The Story of Saloncide

Neal Eason, Managing Director of Saloncide Solutions Ltd started the company in April 2011. Neal brings along over 35 years experience in infection control and supplying cleaning & hygiene consumables to all commercial sectors.

In the wide variety of products supplied to his customers, there was one unique range that totally eclipsed the way chemicals will be manufactured in the future. The Anti-microbial alcohol free disinfectant.

Through his original business, Neal introduced this to the dental, leisure, healthcare, councils, offices, catering & fitness clubs. The ground-breaking disinfectants took off immediately. The feedback from customers was incredible because they knew they were using something never seen in the market before that out-performed all others for sanitising capabilities (99.998%….. most others are 99.9%) and with a very low hazard rating reducing COSHH risk.

In October 2010, Neal exhibited the Alcohol Free Hygiene System at a show and next to him was a hair & beauty stand. He noticed the jar of disinfectant solution (Barbicide) on their display with combs, brushes etc. A light bulb lit in Neal’s head and realised there could be a gap in the hair & beauty industry for an alcohol free, more effective & versatile alternative disinfectant.

With this in mind, he collected some contaminated hair tools from his brother who runs a hair salon, sent them all up to a Microbial & Environmental laboratory for testing, against the market leader.

The results came back with extremely positive results and actually out-performed the market leader in certain tests.
Realising there was absolutely nothing like this in the hair & beauty market, Neal decided to re-brand the product to suit the industry and Saloncide Solutions was born.


Use Saloncide as a one stop disinfectant on:

Brushes • Scissors • Hair clips • Hair pins • Rollers • Tweezers • Clippers • Hair straighteners • Combs • Spatulas

Shampoo bowls • Hair dryers • Workstation surfaces • Furniture • Chairs • Arm cushions • Neck cushions • Leather chairs • Sinks • Taps • Shower heads

Door handles • Handles • Floors • Mop heads • Sun beds • Steam rooms • Saunas • Foot baths • Manicuring bowls • Files • Manicure table tops • Finger bowls

Tattoo tools & equipment • Reception desks • Toilets • Credit card machines • Cash tills • Bins • Kitchen areas • Walls • Mirrors • And many more….

(Please note: Any metals or stainless steel, do not leave Saloncide on to dry. Wipe off after 2 minutes contact time to avoid rusting)


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