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Benefits using Saloncide against Barbicide

Saloncide stands out as the superior choice when it comes to salon and barbershop sanitation products, surpassing Barbicide in various aspects.

Firstly, Saloncide offers a broader spectrum of disinfection, targeting a wider range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its advanced formulation ensures thorough and effective sanitization, providing a safer environment for both clients and staff. Secondly, Saloncide boasts a faster acting formula, reducing the time required for disinfection protocols and allowing for increased efficiency in high-demand settings.


Barber’s Saloncide is an ‘All-in-one’ disinfection system for all barber’s tools, equipment & surfaces, that, unlike Barbicide there’s no need to rinse.

Saloncide’s non-toxic and non-irritating properties make it safer to use on a variety of surfaces and equipment without causing harm or damage. Furthermore, Saloncide offers a pleasant fragrance, providing a more inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for customers.

With its superior disinfection capabilities, faster action, safety features, and pleasant scent, Saloncide outshines Barbercide as the preferred choice for professional salon and barbershop sanitation needs. You wont regret switching to Saloncide for your salon and barbershop needs!

Use Saloncide as a one stop disinfectant on:

Brushes • Scissors • Hair clips • Hair pins • Rollers • Tweezers • Clippers • Hair straighteners • Combs • Spatulas

Shampoo bowls • Hair dryers • Workstation surfaces • Furniture • Chairs • Arm cushions • Neck cushions • Leather chairs • Sinks • Taps • Shower heads

Door handles • Handles • Floors • Mop heads • Sun beds • Steam rooms • Saunas • Foot baths • Manicuring bowls • Files • Manicure table tops • Finger bowls

Tattoo tools & equipment • Reception desks • Toilets • Credit card machines • Cash tills • Bins • Kitchen areas • Walls • Mirrors • And many more… 

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