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Why is 99.998% so important?

Most disinfectants kill 99% or 99.9% of micro-organisms. Bacteria are single celled organisms which divide rapidly, developing into groups or colonies. Disinfectants which kill only 99.9% (1 in a 1000) leave enough cells for them to recover quickly.

At 99.9998%, less than 100,000 cells remain, which is a level at which the population is no longer viable.

Saloncide further reduces the risk of recovery by creating a surface environment which bacteria cannot easily attach to, giving protection which carries on after cleaning has finished.

Is Saloncide as effective as other market leaders?

Saloncide is proven to be actually MORE effective and safer than other market leaders due to it’s 99.998% germ kill rate, it’s same hazard rating as water and faster germ kill time. For the FREE laboratory testing report, please contact

Why is 30 seconds important?

Most sanitizers/ disinfectants need two, four or even more minutes to be effective – some as long as fifteen minutes. The disinfectant has usually evaporated or been wiped away in much less time than this! Because Saloncide is fast acting, most fungi, viruses and bacteria are killed almost as soon as the product is applied.

Being water based, Saloncide evaporates slowly and. Unlike other disinfectants, it carries on working after the surface or equipment is dry.

What does Saloncide kill?

Saloncide kills a very wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. They include:

MRSA – C.diff – HIV-1 – E.coli – Chlamydia – Hepatitis B – Influenza A (Inc H1N1), Salmonella – Legionella – Staphylococcus aureus – Listeria – Pseudomonas – Aspergillus niger – Tuberculosis and many more (See Saloncide Lab tests)

How effective is Saloncide?

Most domestically available disinfectants kill up to 99.9% of germs within 5 minutes or longer. Saloncide kills most germs withing 30 seconds with a kill rate of 99.998%, which makes it more effective than most other chemicals currently on the market.

Is Saloncide safe on my skin?

Yes, Saloncide has the same chemical hazard rating as water. Unlike most sanitizers, it contains no alcohol, bleach, solvents or acids so does not affect your skin.

Does Saloncide damage surfaces, clothing or equipment?

No- despite its germ-killing power, using Saloncide is no more likely to damage surfaces or equipment than using water. It does not cause any discolouration or surface cracking (like alcohol). Even fabrics, leather, plastics, and wood can all safely be treated with Saloncide.

Where can I use Saloncide?

Literally anywhere! Not only is it for disinfecting your equipment, but also can be used confidently on ANY surfaces whether hard or porous. The Saloncide Anti-microbial disinfectant spray not only disinfects, but also cleans lightly soiled areas and equipment. It is a superbly versatile product that can be used throughout the whole salon.

Is Saloncide environmentally friendly?

Yes. The technology behind Saloncide allows active chemicals to work in minute quantities which is why it has such a low chemical hazard rating (equivalent to water)
Saloncide can even be sprayed around plants without harming them.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes we do, please contact us to purchase and arrange delivery