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Saloncide Super Strong ‘Magic’ Microfibre Cloths

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Size: 40cm x 40cm

Saloncide microfibre cloths are ideal for polishing & wiping mirrors & glass in conjunction with our Saloncide Antimicrobial disinfectant spray for a completely smear-free finish.

Not only can the microfibre cloths be used wet or dry, but are also reusable by washing them through your laundry machine many times.

√        Super strong & absorbent

√        Smear free finish

√        Can be washed & re-used many times over

√        Use wet or dry

√        Absorbs many times their own weight in liquid

√        Lifts dust & dirt easily

√        Versatile, use on any tools, surfaces or equipment

‘You will not use a better cloth!’

Our microfibre cloths are extra strong, premium grade (230gsm) & ideal for all round cleaning & sanitising tasks in the salon/shop. (Watch out for the cheap & inferior quality cloths in the market!)

Use literally anywhere in your salon/ shop; tools, worktops, sinks, taps, mirrors, furniture (including leather), computer screens, equipment and much much more….. Saloncide’s ‘Magic’ Microfibre cloths can also be used with just water & still pick up dirt. If you need to clean AND sanitise, use with Saloncide original or Saloncide Barbers disinfectant spray.

The microfibre cloth consists of superfine micro fibres that collect tiny particles of dust & dirt easily with it’s static properties. They are the best cloths around for cleaning, stubborn dirt, grease & fingermarks without any chemicals needed*. They also are extremely durable plus incredibly absorbent.

(*Microfibre cloths do not disinfect or sanitise surfaces so it is advisable to use Saloncide disinfectant spray with the cloths)

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use fabric softener when washing the cloths, only a small amount of washing powder or liquid is required. Fabric softener damages the fibres in the cloth which will then take all the effectiveness out.

Areas to use Saloncide Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Spray: Work surfaces, stations, chairs (including leather), combs, scissors, brushes, rollers, clips, clipper attachments, sinks, wash points, taps, sunbeds, and much much more…….

Directions for use: Spray on surfaces, tools or equipment. Leave to air dry or wipe with a clean dry cloth or paper towel after approximately *2 minutes of contact time. Please note: Any stainless steel tools, scissors or clippers must be wiped dry to prevent rusting. Spray oil on the clippers each day to prevent rusting.

*Saloncide is effective from 60 seconds of contact time on most bacteria, fungi & viruses but it is advisable to leave for up to 2 minutes if wiping off.

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